Customized Engagement Ring -5 tips for buying your special one

An engagement ring is the most special jewelry. When you customize it, it becomes more precious. Engagement Ring is just not only the piece of jewelry; it’s a symbol of love, affection, bonding, commitment, togetherness and the beginning of new phase of the life. This article shares with you five tips for buying the perfect Customized Engagement Ring.

Many options are available in market; these options may not reflect your taste, personality.

You are special, your engagement ring should be special, it should not be beautiful only, and it should reflect your personality. The ring which you can wear every day, the perfect ring which you truly admire! Thus Customized Engagement Ring will be the one which will be close to your heart.

Here are five tips to help you buy the perfect customized engagement ring:-

1 – Start early

If you want to have your own customized engagement ring, start the buying process as early as possible. It takes longer to make a customized ring compare to directly selecting the ring from the jeweler’s readymade collection.  As the process involves early design consultation, creating design and computer rendering. After the design is finalized, the actual creation process begins. Therefore, you should start at least 4 to 5 week prior to your engagement date.

2 – Outline your vision

Ask yourself some questions, for example, do I have a clear idea about the ring I want?  You don’t have to fully redesign the ring to get something unique. After some adjustments, any engagement ring can become unique. When you are sure that you want to get customized engagement ring outline your vision in the best way. Seek inspiration from existing rings, browse the jewelry collection online get clear idea about ring you like or dislike.

3 – Planning budget

Before contacting any jeweler, it is important to have a clear budget. It can help you spend within your budget. Also, please note that an engagement ring is just the beginning of many major expenses on the way. Therefore, you should plan your budget carefully. The best part about customized engagement ring is that you can tailor design as per your budget.

Since you choose metal, stone, weight, grade of metal to be used while customizing, you can ultimately control the cost of the ring.

4 – Choose a Jeweler you trust

It is best to find a jeweler you trust. Since custom rings are the result of teamwork, you should choose a reliable jeweler. You can ask your friends or family members to recommend to a trusted jewelry designer. If that does not help, then the Internet is the best place to conduct research. You can visit the website of the jeweler and view all the services it provides. You can make good use of their collections and public comments and review rating before contacting them.

5 – Selection of the Right Elements

Customized engagement ring works start from the scratch. You have to choose all the materials required for making the same. Whether it the setting type, stone, band metal, you have to select all carefully.  Cut clarity, color and weight of the stone, all need to be properly select while planning. It’s best to keep his or her preferences in mind while choosing all the elements. It’s for someone special, someone whom you adore. 

Hope these tips will help you to get the ring of your dreams.

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