Prompt ideas’ Guide to Disinfectants Definitions & Sanitizers vs Disinfectants

The word sanitizer and disinfectants got the popularity after the outbreak of pandemic Covid 19. Different brands are available in some market and in some market the shortages of the same cannot be ruled out. We are using sanitizers and disinfectants in our home and offices. Many of us are still confused as we really don’t know the sanitizers vs disinfectants.

Let’s understand the sanitizers vs disinfectants differences and disinfectants definitions as per EPA.

Why you must know the difference between Sanitizers vs Disinfectants?

Maybe you are responsible for maintaining the safety and health of patients, doctors, staff, and hospital visitors. Maybe you run a kitchen and provide food to the crowd every day. Or maybe you just want to make sure that your home is as safe as possible for your family.

No matter what kind of facility you need to keep clean, it is important to protect facility users from harmful bacteria. At the same time, avoid using irritating and toxic chemicals on surfaces that may come into contact with food.

Knowing the difference between Sanitizers vs Disinfectants and remembering the disinfectants definitions can help you a lot.

Lets Look into the concept of Sanitizers vs Disinfectants

Sanitizers are chemical substances that reduce the number of microorganisms to a safe level. It does not need to eliminate 100% of all microorganisms to be effective. Like viruses and fungi are exceptions to this. like in catering services; sanitizers must reduce the number of bacteria by 99.999%. Sanitizers need to kill 99.999% of organisms causing infections within 30 seconds.

Disinfectants are a chemical substance that can completely destroy all living microorganisms listed on its label.

Disinfectants kill the disease causing microorganisms mostly bacteria, viruses and fungi may not be killed.

As per EPA guidelines (From a legal point of view) disinfectants must reduce 99.999% of pathogenic bacteria within a period of more than 5 minutes but not more than 10 minutes means to say less than 10 minutes.

We must understand Sanitizers vs Disinfectants on the basis of its usage in our daily life.

The difference between sanitizing, sterilizing and disinfecting comes down to semantics. Sanitizing, sterilizing and disinfecting means reducing the contamination on the surface by eliminating harmful bacteria and germs, but by definition, disinfecting kills more bacteria than sanitizing.

Sanitizers vs Disinfectants – Usage in daily life – We must understand the usage clearly

Surfaces used for cooking food or serving, we must use sanitizers are used. For example food preparation counter tops, plates, glasses, utensils, food preparation utensils (pots, steamers), utensils, pots, frying pans and baking pans.

Use Sanitizers solution on items that may come into contact with food or the mouth.

Items like that babies or children may put in their mouths, or products used in food service or kitchens, such as children’s or babies’ toys, pacifiers, cutlery, cutlery, cutting boards.

The disinfectant is suitable for floors, walls, toilets, bed frames, sinks, showers, bathrooms, seats, and roofs.

If you completely need to evacuate every contaminant in the space, you need to use a decent disinfectant spray to cope with the business.

Use a disinfectant solution on surfaces that will not come in contact with the oral cavity, and these surfaces which may contain harmful bacteria and that need to be removed using disinfectants.

Ensure to check the label of the disinfectant that it should eliminates the target bacteria. Surfaces on which you should use disinfectant are hospital beds, floors, stretchers, bathroom floors, toilets etc.

Let’s take an example to understand Sanitizers vs Disinfectants use

The food and beverage industry must use Sanitizers to get benefit, for example, when washing dishes, it is important to effectively and quickly kill bacteria so that the dishes can be placed on the shelf again for immediate use.

On the contrary, medical and nursing facilities must use disinfectants because they can kill all the bacteria listed on the label, but can kill them may take a little longer period to do so.

For example, when cleaning a hospital examination chair, quick cleaning is not important. The most important thing is to kill all microorganisms or you can say harmful bacteria. Disinfectants should be used even if it takes longer time. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA.) official has set and enforced these standards.

Hope by reading this article Sanitizers vs Disinfectants has helped to understand the difference easily.

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