How to earn from you tube? before thinking how to get rich off youtube must know.

You must know how to earn from you tube, before thinking how to get rich off youtube please read the full article, here I will share the step wise step. And also guide the way by which you can see the earning of other you tubers as well, so that you will believe what you are reading.

How you tube help you to generate income ?

Gone are the days when an individual launches any business and with the passage of time the business grows and that individual become a millionaire.

Everybody wants to be rich and believe me it is possible!

In today’s topic I am going to cover the discussion on the same. First of all we need to understand in today’s scenario when market seems to be saturated, lot of competition is there, moreover due to pandemic there seems to be a recession. Many people lost their jobs, companies are struggling to survive. All this situations made me realize the importance of secondary income, royalty income or passive income. When we talk about secondary income or passive income we must understand that the secondary business which we are opting should be based on an asset light model (here it means minimum investment and zero or minimum liabilities) with exponential growth potential.  When you follow this you will earn enough money to live your life comfortably.

How YouTube creators make huge money?

how to earn from you tube, how to get rich off youtube
Patience and Passion Key to Success!!
So let’s see how to earn from you tube and how to get rich off youtube.
  • First find out your area of interest and passion. Don’t worry there is always an audience for your content on youtube.
  • Second whenever you make a decision make one email id on Gmail.
  • Keep your channel name
  • Make a video – You can use laptop / computers or mobile there are various free or paid software which you can use for making video.
  • Write Title and tags of the video, make thumbnail for you tube using again free software which you can download from play store.
  • Now upload the video on your channel.

It’s really a very simple task. If you don’t understand any points which are given above, you simply click the link given below.

How to earn from you tube and how to get rich off youtube – The answer is mentioned below:

You can earn from mainly these below mentioned features

  • YouTube’s monetization scheme (In this the advertisement which play in your channel Google share revenue for the same).
  • By selling merchandise to your audience of viewers.
  • From affiliate program.
  • And from Brand deals, when you promote any brand in your channel.

To earn from you tube your channel need to meet certain criteria, as listed below.

  • Your YouTube channel must have 1,000 subscribers.
  • In the last 12 months your channel must have at least 4,000 Watch Time hours.
  • Google has a very high standards and stringent policy, never try to cheat the system be honest and creative with your work. If your content is awesome you can easily achieve minimum subscriber and watch hour required for monetization.
  • Thus follow you tube policy guidelines. In order to be familiar will all terms and condition and policies you need to follow the link, which is given below.

When you meet above mentioned criteria, you can apply for the monetization request to youtube.  After auditing your channel if no policy violation is there, Youtube will approve it.

Every time you’ll earn money when someone watches your video or clicks on an advertisement playing in video of your channel.

This might look tough or impractical to you, but here I am going to share a link you can check the earning of any you tuber to whom you watch or know personally.

Please check for well-known channels listed below
  • Kids Diana Show
  • Carryminati
  • Like Nastya Vlog
  • Learn English Easily

These are just few channels which you must look at. So that you can have an idea for content and you may get motivated seeing their income.

Here I must say to be successful you tuber one should focus on content only. Never worry about subscribers and watch hour if you have unique content and good delivering skills, you will get subscribers and watch hours easily. That’s all for how to earn from you tube and how to get rich off youtube

In case you have questions please feel free to write in a comment box. I will ensure to reply your question.

When we focus on money, simultaneously must focus on health as well. Please read and share

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