Simplest security camera & Best security camera -How to choose? Full Guide.

Now a days security has become the most concern for every individual who wants to avert unwanted activities near their homes. Whenever we build our homes, our top priority should be to install simplest security camera and Best security camera which can confirm the security of home and security of our beloved, specially kids.

Wi-Fi Camera is that the right solution for homeowners to protect their homes and stop unwanted activities. Nowadays, there is plenty of Security Camera available within the market with various specifications.

We should always analyze our requirements before we select its installation.

We need to understand the features, requirements, specification that will definitely help us to choose simplest security camera and Best security camera. Few mentioned below.

PTZ Cameras: By using Pan Tilt Zoom Camera users can control the direction and position of the camera from anywhere within the planet.  Pan means Horizontal movement while tilt describes vertical movement. Also, you can zoom any object and take HD footage. These cameras are very useful for home security you can operate it from your smartphone very easily.

Bullet Cameras: Are Very useful for outdoor surveillance. We can protect the outdoor space of our home by using bullet cameras. Bullet camera works well in all weather conditions may its rainy, summer or winter.Dome Camera: For both indoor and outdoor security Dome cameras are useful.

Shapes of Dome camera make it useful as a thief or miscreants couldn’t find out the focus of lense.

But now it’s an era of wireless solutions.  In this article we will share some advantages of Wi-Fi cameras as well so it will be easy for you to decide before selecting simplest security camera or Best security camera.

Security camera

Advantages of Wi-Fi cameras

Cloud Storage: Wireless Security camera allows you save lots of your recordings on cloud storage. You can access your data with ease. And no need to worry about messy storage media.

2 Way Communication: Using two way communication technology of Wi Fi cameras you can communicate to your family easily when you will be far away from your home.

Motion Detection: It’s one of the most important features of Wi-Fi cameras, whenever anyone comes into range of camera suddenly it starts recording.

Remote Control: You can control Wi-Fi cameras with your smartphone from anywhere easily.

How to choose the simplest security camera / Best security camera?

While choosing or selecting the camera for Home one should consider the below mentioned point.

  1.  Check the safety camera function:
  • The home Security camera must be compact.
  • Wireless will be better choice. Wireless cameras are easy to install.
  • The home surveillance cameras should have remote monitoring function.
  • It should have an alarm function.
  • It must text you the suspicious movement of subject in monitored area.
  • To extend the surveillance area, if necessary, choose a surveillance camera with a pan / tilt option.
  • House surveillance camera should have a voice intercom function, which will be more convenient for the elderly.
  • Don’t forget to opt for night vision function while choosing simplest security camera / Best security camera, As these helps in recording the activity happening in absence of light or you can say at night it can easily record the activities
  1.  One should not ignore the Resolution of the lenses.
  2. High resolution of lens means high picture quality, and clarity of video.

Never compromise with this.

  • Currently common resolutions for surveillance cameras are

2 million pixels (1080P)

 4 million pixels (1440P)

6 million pixels (2048P)

8 million pixels (4K/2160P)

 Most people choose 4MP and 6MP, which have high quality and economical also.

As per specific requirements we should choose the Focal length of Security camera lens.
  • Normally  2.8mm, 3.6mm, 6mm, 8mm and 12mm.
  • Different focal lengths of lenses are recommended for monitoring as per distances.
  • The 2.8mm lens is often used for monitoring environment with a narrow space like a store room, and therefore the optimal monitoring distance is within 3m.
  • The 4mm lens is often used for indoor environments like small shops or homes. The optimal monitoring distance is 3-5m.
  • The 6mm lens is often used for small shops or doorsteps, and therefore the optimal monitoring distance is 5-10m.
  • The 8mm lens is often used for outdoor roads and outer areas. The optimal monitoring distance is 10-20m.
  • The 12mm lens is often used to monitor specific positions, like some specific entrances and exits, etc. The optimal monitoring distance is 20-30m.

4. Security camera should be of reputable brand with specific terms and condition of after sale service and warranty.

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