Tracking Pregnancy Weight Gain:Now Easy With Garmin Connect app

Garmin has introduced a new feature for tracking pregnancy weight gain helpful for pregnant women.

This new feature is available through the Garmin Connect IQ app and can be activated in the menstrual cycle section.

User need to activate pregnancy tracking through Garmin connect app.

This new feature also allows users to set hydration goals.

Garmin also provides educational content about nutrition and exercise.

After enabling and setting Garmin Connect IQ app, it is easy for users to change their training goals and get Kegel’s exercise and hydration reminders.

This can be activated in the menstrual cycle section.

Garmin has announced this new feature in one of its blog post. For tracking pregnancy weight gain, exercise and hydration are the key factors.

As most of the expecting moms have a very hectic lifestyle.

Thus in such scenario this seems to be very useful and should be in must have list.

Tracking pregnancy weight gain, exercise and hydration reminders all this pregnancy tracking features are available on the Vivo move wearable range.

Very soon it will come to other Garmin wearable range at least on those which offer menstrual cycle tracking.

How to set Pregnancy tracking ?

1: Open Garmin Connect app

2: Open User Settings > Women’s Health > Cycle Type > Pregnancy.

3: Feed the detail for last period and other information as required.

4: After filling the information download the Pregnancy Tracking Connect IQ app.

5: Now user can use the feature on their wearables.

Important features of the app:

  1. Tracking pregnancy week by week.
  2. Can manually enter and track blood glucose levels and baby movement.
  3. Can customize reminders for setting of hydration goals and Kegel practice.
  4.  This new feature also offers Tracking pregnancy weight gain and thus recommendations for the same.
  5. Tracking sleep
  6. It offers educational content related to nutrition and exercise.
  7. The most exciting part is it also offers a visual representation of baby size.
  8. Its shows the baby size comparing it with the size of fruits and vegetables.
  9. Provides gestational age of the baby as well.

Tracking pregnancy weight gain, Kegel’s & hydration reminders now really easy with Garmin Connect app.

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