Virtual Assistant vs Chatbot : Must know difference between chatbots and virtual assistants.

Virtual Assistant vs Chatbot are using AI technology to provide innovative and efficient solutions that benefit customers, employees and partners. In this case, it is crucial to understand Virtual Assistant vs Chatbot basic difference. In this article we will discuss the difference between chatbots and virtual assistants.

Do you want to know the main difference between Virtual Assistant vs Chatbot?

To understand Virtual Assistant vs Chatbot difference we will discuss the parameters

1. Language understanding

2. Context processing

3.  Learning and improvement

4. Performing tasks to understand these from the intelligent robot.

These points are very crucial to understand the Virtual Assistant vs Chatbot differences.

The Chatbot will provide scripted answers when the user enters a question or we can say enter query.

In case of complex query, the VA (Virtual Assistant) analyzes the user’s intention, context and dynamic responses are provided.

Over the past decade, the popularity of the best conversational AI has grown exponentially, and has gradually become main stream in recent years. Conversational AI adoption by companies is rapidly increasing. Companies are investing million dollars in conversational AI applications, hoping that these applications can improve customer experience and operational efficiency.

Chatbots and virtual assistants are using AI technology to provide revolutionary and efficient answers, thereby bringing huge benefits to customers, employees and partners.

In this case, it is important to understand the basic difference between virtual assistant and chatbot .

Companies and professionals who are planning to implement conversational AI Bots answers, they must understand the difference in order to get benefit from these technologies. As it is must to meet the customers’ expectations.

Chabot which also known as FAQ chatbot:

Uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to discover keywords that users query and respond programmatically, let see Virtual Assistant vs Chatbot and understand the difference

  • It works like a search engine.
  • The chatbot is completely based on keywords, if user ask the same query in a different way (even though the chatbot is equipped with the necessary information) it will no longer be able to answer.
  • Chat bots can recognize keywords, but they cannot recognize the purpose of consumers.
  • Thus the failure rate of chatbots may be too high.
  • As AI chatbots cannot understand the context thus Chatbots are usually used as a dialogue interface for simple FAQs and cannot perform tasks.

Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA):

Use of NLP and NLU technologies and generate dynamic responses.

  • Intentional understanding allows virtual assistants to maintain a longer conversation with people.
  • The main difference between chatbots and virtual assistants is Language understanding.
  • Virtual assistants can recognize basic principles, understand emotions, and analyze the complexity of natural language.
  • Chat bots can recognize keywords, but they cannot recognize the purpose of consumers.
  • VA can also recognize context and provide additional customization and related solutions
  • Virtual assistant’s interactions look like human interaction.
  • Virtual assistants (also called context assistants) consider the context while generating responses. That means they can understand and respond to unusual and unexpected human input. Context processing allows digital assistants to provide users with more customized and relevant responses. most important point of Virtual Assistant vs Chatbot.
  • Virtual assistants are inherently more adaptable and can conduct research based on past interactions; thereby enhancing future interaction effects. This makes the virtual assistant less likely to fail if it accepts a large amount of statistical information over a period of time.
  •  Virtual assistants can help consumers perform the tasks described, such as checking order status, raising transportation tickets, scheduling appointments, sending notifications, etc.
  • Now look at the summary so that it will be quite easy to remember the Virtual Assistant vs Chatbot difference.

Summary- Virtual Assistant vs Chatbot

AI Chatbot or FAQ Chatbots are the most effective and common types. They allow users to ask questions and provide scripted answers primarily based on simple keyword phrase searches and rule sets. They may make mistakes when others enter unexpectedly or deviate from the expected language exchange path.

Virtual assistants (also known as context assistants) are smarter and are completely based on context. Due to which they can understand consumers’ reasons, emotions and backgrounds, and provide personalized and dynamic responses. They can handle sudden consumer input and perform tasks. After the successful implementation of the virtual assistant, the company can provide first-class conversation reports with customers, employees and partners.

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